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Declare the Declaration of Freedom from Being Overweight slowly, real slowly and declare it with a smile and conviction. Why with a smile and conviction? Because the emotions you release through your smile and conviction activates your faith to believe what you are saying is true. It should take you about fifteen to twenty minutes to repeat it a number of times. Do it each day until this truth goes from your head to your heart. Once it drops into your heart and becomes a reality, you're home free. Forever free from being overweight. God bless you as you break free from being overweight.

If you're not saved or not sure if you are saved, go to Receive Salvation now and return here for your Declaration of Freedom from Being Overweight.

Declaration of Freedom from Being Overweight

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, therefore I eat correctly and moderately. I refuse to overeat. I command you body and soul in Jesus’ name to get in line with God’s Word and eat moderately. I command you body in Jesus’ name to be healthy, slim and trim. I command all unnecessary weight to leave me now. I command all desires to overeat and all desires to eat improper foods to leave me now. I’m constantly filled with great faith and explosive expectancy that I have lost all unnecessary weight and I look great. My desire to eat right and live right is increasing day by day. My steps are ordered by the Lord and everything I do is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thank you God for giving me the grace to lose weight and live a holy and healthy life pleasing to you.

Scriptures used: Philippians 4:13; Psalm 37:23; 2 Corinthians 9:8.

This article may be reprinted or used freely, but it must be in its entirety including the author's name: Philip C Jones.

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Want Mountain Moving Faith?

The Lord gave the following words to a Christian to speak out loud. The Lord encouraged the Christian to declare these words often until they became a reality in his heart. And of course the more time you spend declaring these powerful words,the quicker the results.

"There is no lack of faith with me. If I were to come to the end of my faith, then the Father gives me the very faith of Christ and it is impossible for me not to believe."

God's Will for You Is Prosperity

"Beloved, I Wish Above all Things that Thou Mayest Prosper" (3 John 3:2a).

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